Pharmacist Salary Alabama

Below you can find Pharmacist Salary Alabama, which can change according to the number of years of experience you have, expertise level, type of work, facility and position including:

Annually Salary: $27,664
Monthly Salary: $2,305
Daily Salary: $105
Hourly Salary: $13.10

Highest Paying States for Pharmacy Technician

1) California: $36,323
2) New Hampshire: $34,066
3) Wyoming: $32,750
4) Vermont: $32,431
5) Maine: $32,367
6) Hawaii: $31,758
7) Washington State: $31,416
8) Massachusetts: $31,269
9) Montana: $30,1002

Lowest Paying States for Pharmacy Technician

1) Arkansas: $26,096
2) Texas: $26,018
3) Idaho: $26,016
4) Guam: $25,612
5) Missouri: $25,501
6) Illinois: $25,290
7) Michigan: $25,218
8) Virgin Islands: $24,712
9) North Carolina: $22,1008

Useful Informatiuon for Pharmacy Technicians in the State of Alabama

Alabama Board of Pharmacy Address

Alabama Board of Pharmacy
10 Inverness Center, Suite 110
Alabama 35242

ALBOP Phone Number (205) 981-2280

Fax Number: (205) 981-2330

Alabama Board of Pharmacy Website (ALBOP)

How Much I Make as a Pharmacist?
Watch this video to discover how much does a pharmacist really makes and how the pharmacy tech salary really works.

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